Signs Your Chipped Tooth May Be A Dental Emergency

A chipped tooth isn’t always a cause for alarm. While you should still see a dentist as soon as you can, most cases of chipped teeth are easy to fix with procedures like dental bonding or enamel shaving.

However, there are some cases when a chipped tooth warrants a call to an emergency dentist in Holden.

Here are 5 signs your chipped tooth may be a dental emergency:

1. Pain and Swelling

A severe chipped tooth causes throbbing pain and a good amount of swelling. Patients can control their discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen and holding a cold compress to the cheek.

But if the chipped tooth causes pain and swelling, then you need to see a dentist near you as soon as possible. The damage may have affected the integrity of the tooth and could require more extensive treatment and even reconstruction, such as getting a dental crown.

2. Large Chip

If the chip is large, then the tooth is in a very weak state and susceptible to more damage. Placing more pressure on it while eating could lead to a crack or even fracture.

You should reach out to an emergency dentist as soon as you can, and avoid eating on that side of the mouth.

3. Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration could mean the tooth is more damaged than you thought. The tooth can become gray and darken progressively. Other symptoms, such as pain, are also very common at this stage.

If your chipped tooth changes color, it may need immediate treatment to prevent permanent tooth loss.

4. Pain While Eating

Sometimes, the pain after a chipped tooth won’t be constant. Some patients will feel a sharp, temporary pain when they eat, and place pressure on the tooth. Even if you can avoid it by chewing on the other side of the mouth, you should still visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

The same can happen when the chipped tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures, like when eating ice cream or a bowl of hot soup. 

5. Oral Bleeding 

Usually, a chipped tooth won’t cause bleeding. Still, if the damage is more severe, and the tooth cracks, you may notice some blood around the tooth, along with pain and swelling.

If bleeding is profuse and doesn’t slow down, you may even need emergency medical care.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

If you chipped your tooth and noticed any of the above signs, then chances are you’re dealing with a dental emergency.

Even if you’re not sure, you can call Dr. Salman Khanani at (508) 829-4575 as soon as possible to describe your symptoms and get immediate advice on how to care for your tooth.

You can also request a regular appointment to Khanani Family Dental online, and stop by our practice to access compassionate and quality oral care.

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