Does the Right Tooth Brush Matter?

Does the Right Toothbrush Matter?

When you go into a store to look for a new toothbrush, you’re quickly greeted by a variety of different types. From soft to hard bristles, variations in size, and even the age-old "electric versus manual'' question, choosing the right toothbrush may not be as easy as you initially thought.

But is there a right toothbrush? Does the type of toothbrush you choose influence your dental health?

How Does a Toothbrush Influence Your Dental Health?

The toothbrush is one of the many tools used to properly clean the teeth and mouth, so it stands to reason that it plays a pretty big role in your dental health.

It does matter what type of toothbrush you choose, but only to a certain extent. This tool, on its own, won’t make or break the health of your teeth. What’s more important, however, is having good oral hygiene habits and using the proper technique when brushing your teeth. That means brushing at least 2 times a day, using circular motions to remove all debris. 

Additionally, using dental floss can also help remove particles from areas in between the teeth that no toothbrush can get to. On top of that, you should also routinely visit the dentist for a check-up and professional cleaning.

Choosing a New Toothbrush

The right toothbrush is the tool that allows you to properly clean your teeth, and also takes into account your dental health and personal preferences.

For instance, those with more sensitive gums might not want a brush with hard bristles, as they can cause mild bleeding. Most dentists in Holden will recommend soft bristles regardless of gum sensitivity, because they are more gentle on the enamel. 

If you wear clear aligners or braces, your orthodontist likely already told you to upgrade to a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Other factors to consider when choosing a toothbrush can include:

  • Size and Shape - These boil down to personal preferences, though a smaller head will generally give you more control over brushing and allow you to reach better at the back of your teeth.
  • Material - The material of the brush won’t influence your dental health, but it also comes down to personal preference. If you are more environmentally conscious, you might want to look for wooden toothbrushes than the classic plastic ones.
  • Electric or Manual - Again, this can also come down to personal preference. Some studies have found that electric toothbrushes are better at reducing plaque by around 21%, and reducing gingivitis by 11%. But, with the proper technique, you can prevent this build-up with a manual one too.

Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

If it’s time for your routine dentist check-up and professional cleaning, we at Khanani Family Dental are happy to assist you, and all your dental needs.

Book an appointment with Dr. Salman Khanani today and let’s make sure your dental health is properly taken care of!

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