Can My Teeth Shift After Getting Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth, then you may know that one way to restore your smile and the health of your mouth is by getting dental implants. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is able to restore not only the function of your teeth but also the strength of your jawbone and the structure of your face.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are teeth and root replacements that provide a strong foundation for placing permanent teeth where natural teeth are missing. They have the same function and aspect as natural teeth, offering comfort, improved aspect, function, and oral health. If the patient has had a missing tooth for a long time, the jawbone may have lost density, and in order to place a dental implant, the dentist will first have to insert artificial bone that will support the implant. 

Dental implants have a very high success rate. But, before getting dental implants, your dentist will evaluate the state of your oral health and structure. This way, the dentist can determine what type of treatment is best suited for you. With a success rate of almost 100%, people still wonder what could go wrong after getting implants. Taking care of them just as you would with natural teeth, will ensure your dental implants will have a long and healthy life.

Is It Possible for Teeth to Shift After Getting Dental Implants?

Yes, teeth can shift after getting dental implants, but it is a very rare occurrence. What is more likely to happen afterward is a readjustment of your teeth to the new implants and restructuring of your mouth. Discomfort after getting the crowns is also normal and you will need a period of adjustment as the body gets used to the dental implants. This discomfort usually goes away after a while, depending on each patient. This is mostly caused not by a shift in your teeth, but by an adjustment to the new tooth.

Nevertheless, if you experience discomfort, pain, and soreness for more than a couple of days, schedule an appointment with your dentist to evaluate the state of your implants. Sometimes what is needed is just a little readjustment. 

In some rare cases, your teeth might shift because your body is rejecting the implant. If you notice anything strange, get in touch with your dentist and they will identify the cause and look for solutions. 

Keep in mind that good oral hygiene will keep your dental implants and oral health in check.

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